5 Important Washing Machine Maintenance Tips!

Washing Machine Maintenance

We mostly use Washing Machines for cleaning our clothes, so it is used daily. If the washing machine is being used a lot, you need to take care of it for longer and better use. Here are 5 important tips for the maintenance of your washing machine.

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1. Clean the Rubber Gasket

A rubber Gasket is an important part of your washing machine and works a lot. It protects your clothes and your hands from damage by sharp edges. It usually gathers some small particles of dust while washing clothes in your washing machine. So you should at least once clean the rubber gasket every week.

2. Deep Cleaning

Everyone wants their clothes to come out clean out of your washing machine, but this won’t be the case every time. At some point in time, your washing machine will start losing its efficiency and you’ll notice that the clothes are getting clean as they used to be.

3. Leave the Door Open After Washing

Everyone thinks that closing the door of the washing machine after washing clothes would stop the dirt from going inside the machine. This may be true to some extent, but closing the door right after washing the machine doesn’t let the moisture get out which in the future starts growing fungi and bacteria.

You can prevent this by leaving the washing machine open for 20-30 minutes after washing the clothes and then closing it. Most people don’t know about this which in turn spreads disease to others.

4. Protect from Spillage

Your washing machine will surely spill some detergent from the clothes on your washing machine. You may buy the best or most expensive detergent from the market, but it still will become sticky after some time and start smelling bad, it may spread some disease-causing germs to others. So make sure that your washing machine doesn’t have detergent on it.

5. Keep a Check on Hoses

Both automatic and semi-automatic machines have three hoses, two of them for intake and one for an outlet. Keep a check on all three hoses, if they have any leakage or fitting problems it’ll cause waste a lot of water. Water with dirt, lint and microfabric flows through these pipes and they may get blocked, so keep a check for blocking in hoses.


If you take care of your washing machine, your washing machine in return will take care of your clothes. So always keep these maintenance checks and keep cleaning your washing machine. If you think your washing machine has some issues which are not being solved then check out eRIP for the best repair service at your home.


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