5 Tips To Set up Your New Laptop Like A Pro


Got yourself a new laptop and want to set up like a professional? Don’t worry, we got you. Over the last 2 years, many people came to know the importance of having a laptop.

And due to the pandemic of last year, many people bought laptops for work from home, studying, entertainment purposes etc. But there is so much to do with a new laptop, which you may or may not have known before. Apart from basic setup and activation, there is more to do with a new laptop.

Here in this blog we have discussed 5 tips to set up your laptop like a professional.

1. Update OS:-

This is the first step after you set up your basics in your laptop. Sometimes the automatic update feature is turned off in some laptops, so turn it on by going into settings.

Also do check for software updates manually, because sometimes the automatic update feature gets crashed due to poor internet connection or heavy tasks. It is important to update your OS because once an OS version is outdated, hackers try to hack the outdated version. So, it is always the top most priority to update your OS.

2. Remove Bloatwares and Unwanted Apps:-

Bloatwares are like the legacy of a brand, they keep on providing them in the newer versions even if they are useless. With a new laptop or any tech gadgets you will always get some types of bloatwares and unwanted applications which take unwanted space and storage.

The apps keep running in the background, sending you unwanted notifications which makes your laptop slower and laggy. You can uninstall the bloatwares and unwanted applications from the control panel or settings.

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3. Start-up Applications:-

Just like smartphones, laptops also restart applications after rebooting or powering on. But in laptops you can customise which application can start-up after powering on the laptop. You can customise the start-up feature by going into the taskbar option.

You can enable start-up for the apps you want or else you can just disable it. Having less applications for start-up will make your laptop boot faster and quickly.

4. Turn On Antivirus:-

In laptops you get a dedicated antivirus software, which automatically scans and detects the malwares and quarantines or deletes them from your device.

Sometimes antivirus software can delete your personal files, if it is corrupted. However, you can set exceptions for personalised folders and files. But some people turn it off permanently.

Which may seem a good move, but it is not. Your device becomes vulnerable to malwares and viruses, which may also lead to leakage of your personal data.

5. Legit Software Installation:-

This is not only a tip for the new laptop users, but also for the experienced ones. Laptops don’t come with pre-installed third party applications which you may need in your future.

So, you have to manually install the applications. Most of the time, we download software from unauthorised websites and install it on our device, which is a wrong practice. We don’t know whether the software is legit one or modified to steal our personal data.

We recommend you to only download softwares and applications from “Microsoft Store” or from authorised websites. Also scan for antivirus in your laptop after you install a new software or application, which will delete viruses or malwares included with the software.


The above mentioned tips were not only for setting up a new laptop, but you should follow these tips on a regular basis, to make your laptop last longer and work efficiently without any lag.

Apart from these 5 tips, maintaining your thermals, battery life, power usage does matter. A laptop is a long term investment, from which you will expect about 3 or 4 years efficient usage.

In order to make your laptop efficient and effective you have to also take care of your laptop, both from the outside and from the insides. We hope that this blog helped you set-up your laptop and helped you gain some knowledge about how you can use your laptop effectively in the long run.

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