6 Easy Tips To Make Your Air Cooler Perform Better This Summer

Air Cooler

With these ascending temperatures, staying cool and relaxed in the summer is hard. Though Now-a-days Air Conditioners make it easy to stay cool in these outrageous temperatures, many households who can’t bear the cost of an AC have air coolers. Indeed, many individuals use air cooler for home and workplaces.

However, air coolers actually have many valid reasons for choosing them over an AC. Air coolers are climate amicable and are accessible at a reasonable and low cost.

Over the long run, with the improvement in technology and innovation, air coolers have discernibly improved while their sizes have reduced considerably.

There are many kinds of air coolers, room air cooler, small air cooler, tower air cooler, mini air cooler, evaporative air cooler, wall mounted air cooler. Some air coolers work with water and some air coolers without water.

Air coolers use natural evaporative cooling principle, basically, taking hot air in and passing it through wet honey comb pads or wet wood wool to make it cooler. Now, some of you should have wondered how to make your air cooler work efficiently and effectively. Here are 6 simple tips to make your air cooler performance better this summer.

1. Proper Ventilation:-

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers work in the spot that is properly ventilated. Air coolers intake hot air from the environment and pass it through wet wood wools to make it cooler.

If there is no continuous airflow then the same cool air is going to pass through the cooler over and over. Additionally, proper ventilation is expected to push the moistness out from the room.

2. Place Your Cooler Close To The Window:-

As we know that air coolers work on the principle of evaporative cooling. If there is more hot air intake, then the evaporation will get faster and you will get only cooler air. Place your air cooler close to the window, where the cooler can intake more air from the external environment. Once you’ve placed the cooler near a window, you can adjust the window a bit to improve the cooling.

3. Add Ice To The Water:-

We use air coolers after filling their water tank. However, adding some ice to the water will do wonders. Now-a-days some air coolers come with a dedicated ice compartment. If you don’t have one, then add some ice in the water tank. As you add ice to the water, the wood wool becomes cooler, which results in blowing out cooler air.

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4. Clean The Air Cooler Regularly:-

As you use the air cooler daily, the residue from the environment stalls out on the cooling pads. We know that there is dust and pollen present in the air, which gets stuck on the cooling pads as the air cooler intakes hot air. If not cleaned, then the small gaps on the cooling pad will get blocked, which hampers the air intake. Always clean the cooling pads before using the air cooler. You can also replace the cooling pads, if it’s not working properly.

Also clean the fan blades, which help to improve the efficiency of the air cooler.

5. Saturate The Cooling Pads Before Use:-

Before turning on the air cooler, put the water pump inside the water tank. As we put the pump inside the water tank, it will pass water to the cooling pads, resulting in soaking the wood wool. Once you notice the cooling pad is ready, turn on the fan to experience the cooler air.

6. Handle With Care:-

As we all know, if we use anything roughly, it will not last for a longer period of time. Same goes with the air coolers. If we place the cooler on uneven platforms, dragging air coolers when they are turned on, interfering with the rotating blades, will result in quick wear out of the air coolers. It is always to handle with care to enjoy cooling in the long run.


 Apart from these tips, you can also do simple things like shutting down the curtains and switching off the lights to keep the heat out of the room. Install the cooler at the right place, to ensure its effectiveness. If you are confused which air cooler to buy this summer, do visit our website “eRip” where we have listed down the best air coolers to buy this summer.


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