7 Air Conditioning Problems You Should Know About

7 Air Conditioning Problems You Should Know About

The summer is almost here, and it’s time for the air conditioners to do the magic they do every year. 70% of Indian families use air conditioners. In case you are confused about choosing a good Air Conditioner for your home or office, then do read this article “Top 7 Air Conditioner to buy under 30,000 in India“.

However, there are a few homeowners who run into trouble once they start their Air Conditioner. Every home appliance needs maintenance and regular checkup, if not it may stop working effectively. After being used for several months, you may face some issues in your Air Conditioners.

Just like every other electronic appliance, Air Conditioners also need a regular tune-up. However, modern air conditioners do remind you for regular maintenance, but it is important to keep checking your Air Conditioners manually.

Here in this blog we have mentioned 7 common Air Conditioning problems you should know about.

1. Water Leakage:-

If you see water leaking from the air conditioner, then your maintenance is overdue. The reason for water leakage from your air conditioner might be that your condensate pipe is clogged up due to algae or fungi, which causes the water to back up.

Another possible reason could be that your condensate pump may have been damaged and needs a replacement. 

This problem can be fixed with the help of a technician or by DIY solution. Unclog the clogged condensate pipe with a dry vacuum cleaner. You can also use some vinegar to kill the fungi or algae. 

2. Dirty AC Filter:-

An AC filter plays a significant role in cleaning and filtering out the dust and residues from the airflow. A clogged air filter may block the airflow which will hamper the efficiency of your air conditioner. It may also reduce the ability of your air conditioner to cool the air effectively.

You should clean your AC filter once every two weeks. If you have pets at your home, then you have to be more careful because your pet’s fur may get stuck on the air filters which will hamper the airflow.

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3. AC not turning on:-

If you are having issues with your AC not turning on, it may be because your thermostat batteries are dead or damaged. It may also happen if your circuit breaker is turned on.

To fix this problem check your thermostat batteries. Replace the batteries, if they are dead. If your batteries are working fine, check your thermostat settings to determine whether the cooling mode is turned on or not.

If your thermostat is on, but your AC is still not working, then do check if your circuit breaker is turned on. If it is on then turn it off to supply the power to your AC.

Even after these steps, if your AC is not turning on, do consult an expert to get your AC repaired and fixed. You can get your AC repaired at your home by a trained expert by our home repair service, do visit our website “eRip“.

4. AC Not Blowing Cold Air:-

If your AC is being turned on for hours but your room is not getting cooler and if you notice that your AC is not blowing cold air, then it may be because of your dirty air filter. It can also happen because your AC is set on normal mode by default.

Check your air filters, if it is dirty, then clean it for getting cooler air. Also check your AC settings, and do ensure that cooling mode is turned on. If you are still having the problem after these steps, then do consult an expert.

You can get your AC repaired at your home by a trained expert by our home repair service, do visit our website “eRip“.

5. AC Making Noise:-

If you notice strange sounds coming from your Air Conditioner, then it signals a problem. Different sounds indicate a different AC problem, such as:-

  • A refrigerant leak will produce a hissing sound.
  • If you hear clicking sounds when you turn on and off your AC, it can be a relay problem.
  • Thumping, rattling, or banging noises means there is a problem with a blower or motor assembly.
  • The compressor or fan motor produces a screeching noise.
  • Faulty electrical components produce a buzzing sound.

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6. AC System Freezing:-

It is natural for an Air Conditioner to work hard in hot weather, but it’s normal for the system to freeze. This may happen because the coil gets blocked by the dust and pollutants, which do not allow hot air into the system due to which the moisture around the coil gets frozen.

The only solution to this problem is getting your AC checked up and getting your coil replaced by a trained expert. You can get your AC checked and repaired at your home by a trained expert by our home repair service, do visit our website “eRip“.

7. AC Smells Bad:-

Sometimes, you may notice your Air Conditioner smelling too bad. This happens because of the mold growth. A fire-like smell indicates that some components are burning inside the AC. A gas smell indicates the leakage of Methyl Mercaptan, which can be very dangerous. Sometimes, dead small birds and their eggs may end up in your AC, which also may produce a bad smell. The only possible way to solve this problem is to clean and check your Air Conditioner regularly.


These are some normal AC problems that air conditioner users can face before or during peak air conditioner usage. You should immediately cater to these issues to avoid bigger air conditioner problems.

With this new information about air conditioner problems, you can now safely identify these problems with your units and fix them. Regular air conditioner maintenance can help detect problems that can decrease your system’s efficiency.

If you need to repair your home appliance or gadgets at your home, then do visit our website “eRip“, to get a trained expert at your doorstep.


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