Apple Released iOS 16.2 with Advanced Data Protection

Apple Released iOS 16.2 with Advanced Data Protection

Apple unveiled a useful new feature that strengthens the protection of customers’ online data with the introduction of iOS 16.2. 23 data types are now encrypted in the cloud by Apple Released iOS 16.2 with Advanced Data Protection in iCloud end-to-end (E2E), up from only 14. Data types including images, notes, and device backups get the E2E treatment when a user activates this optional feature, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to access this data.

It has been used by services like iMessage for a time, but it isn’t currently supported for other types of sensitive data, like images and voice memos kept on your iCloud drive. With the release of Advanced Data Protection alongside the iOS 16.2 update, Apple is finally changing that.

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On iOS or iPadOS, how to enable Apple Released iOS 16.2 with Advanced Data Protection

  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad is running iOS/iPadOS 16.2 or a later version.
  • Run the Settings application.
  • At the top, click the banner with your name on it.
  • Select iCloud from the menu.
  • Click on Advanced Data Protection as you scroll down.
  • After adding a recovery contact or recovery key through the Account Recovery menu at the bottom, select Turn On Advanced Data Protection. Similar to that, you can disable the feature if you change your mind for any reason.
  • If you enable Apple Released iOS 16.2 with Advanced Data Protection, Apple won’t be able to assist you in recovering your backup unless you create a 28-character long recovery key. However, you can also choose to give access to your backup to a trusted person who uses an Apple product. 
  • Advanced Data Protection’s default setting prevents from accessing your data. On, users can enable data access, giving the web browser and Apple temporary access to encryption keys for particular pieces of data.
  • Without Advanced Data Protection turned on, iCloud already secures 14 different types of data using end-to-end encryption, including passwords kept in the iCloud Keychain, health information, search history from Apple Maps, Apple Card transactions, and more. What is protected by conventional levels of encryption and what is protected by Apple Released iOS 16.2 with Advanced Data Protection when enabled are both listed in a chart in an Apple support document.

Here are all of Apple's release notes for the latest iOS version:

  • Freeform On the Mac, iPad, and iPhone, Freeform is a brand-new tool for collaborative creativity with friends or coworkers.
    • You may add files, photos, stickies, and more using a versatile canvas.
    • With drawing tools, you can use your finger to doodle wherever on the canvas.
    • A new option to sing along to millions of your favourite songs in Apple Music is with Apple Music Sing. You can duet with the original artist, sing alone, or mix it up thanks to fully changeable vocals.
    • Beat-by-beat lyrics have just been improved, making it even simpler to sing along.
  • Apple Released iOS 16.2 with Advanced Data Protection for iCloud – New feature increases the number of iCloud data categories protected using end-to-end encryption to 23 — including iCloud Backup, Notes, and Photos — safeguarding your information even in the event of a data breach in the cloud.
  • On the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, new options allow you to conceal the background or notifications when Always-On display is turned on.
  • You may examine your most recent sleep statistics using the sleep widget. You can view reminders and quickly access your schedule with the medication widget.
  • Play with the folks you are on a FaceTime conversation with thanks to Game Center’s SharePlay feature for multiplayer games. From your Home Screen, you can view what games your friends are playing and winning thanks to the Activity Widget.

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