Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 vs AirPods Pro : What is the difference

Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 vs AirPods Pro : What is the difference

At its ‘Far Out’ launch event earlier this week, Apple unveiled the eagerly anticipated AirPods Pro 2 this year. The AirPods Pro (2nd gen) earbuds are similar in price to the original AirPods Pro’s launch pricing, but they have new functionality and minor design tweaks. However, the new AirPods Pro 2 start at Rs 26,900 in India. To help you decide whether you want to get the AirPods Pro 2 over the original Pros, below is everything new with them.

AirPods Pro 2 vs. AirPods Pro

1. Price

Currently, Amazon India is selling the original AirPods Pro for Rs 24,900, while Flipkart is selling them for Rs 19,900. You won’t find the earphones on the Apple store any longer as they appear to have been discontinued following the release of the new AirPods Pro 2.

The new AirPods Pro 2, which will be available starting on September 23 and go up for pre-order from 5:30 PM on September 9, are priced at Rs 26,900.

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2. Design

The key distinction between the Pro (2nd Gen) model and the AirPods is the inclusion of silicone ear tips in four sizes for a better fit (3rd Generation).

The AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) include additional functions, including volume control, thanks to a vent mechanism for pressure equalisation and a force sensor on the stem. The third-generation AirPods contain a force sensor as well, however, they lack the vent system and volume control. Two microphones are also included in the AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) for active noise cancellation.

3. Battery life

The battery life of the original AirPods Pro was rated at 4.5 hours. The battery life has been increased by Apple to a much-needed 6 hours. One of the longest-lasting wireless earbuds on the market, when used with the charging case, you get over 30 hours of battery life. Sadly, the AirPods Pro 2 still require a Lightning cable. However, in addition to a MagSafe or a Qi charger, you can now charge the case with an Apple Watch charger.

4. Sound

Compared to the H1 chip in their predecessor, the new AirPods Pro 2 have the H2 chip. As a result, the earbuds’ sound quality and, more significantly, noise cancellation, are enhanced. The new earbuds, according to Apple, can filter out twice as much noise. In comparison to the AirPods Pro, the AirPods Pro 2’s Adaptive Transparency mode also provides enhanced environmental awareness.

5. Charging case

The Apple AirPods 2 originally came with the choice of a standard charging case like the original Apple AirPods or a wireless charging case. The wireless charging case can be purchased separately, but it will cost more.

Due to the wireless charging case’s Qi compatibility, you can use a Qi charging pad to wirelessly charge your AirPods. As previously indicated, the wireless charging case can be purchased separately and works with both the original and second-generation Apple AirPods. Additionally, an Apple Watch charger can be used to charge the AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) case. The cover also has a speaker that makes it simpler to locate if you misplace it using Find My and a lanyard loop.

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