Are Apple watches a waste of money?

Are Apple watches a waste of money?

The Apple Watch is a high-end smartwatch with a plethora of features.This smartwatch isn’t for everyone, and it has a few drawbacks.

It won’t help you if you don’t lead an active lifestyle or have a demanding job. It must be charged on a daily basis, and most features are useless unless you own an iPhone.

For someone with a small wrist, the watch can be inconvenient and make it difficult to work on their laptop. Continuous use can also have an effect on your mental health and make you reliant on the smartwatch in all aspects of your life. If you want to live an active lifestyle, there are other smartwatches available that are less expensive.

1. The Apple Watch Design Isn't For Everyone

You might not like the Apple Watch’s square shape. It’s essentially a large screen that sits on your wrist and may appear and feel awkward. It may become irritating while typing on a laptop at times, and you may need to remove it for a more comfortable typing experience.

If you prefer traditional watches, you will despise the clumsy square design over the ever-popular round dial design. Other smartwatches, such as the Galaxy Watch and the Moto 360, have a more traditional round design.

2. The Apple Watch is inoperable without an iPhone

While the Apple Watch has many features, it is essentially an Apple product that only works with an iPhone. If you own an Android device and want to buy an Apple Watch, you’ll have to switch to an iPhone, which can be a costly purchase in and of itself.

Because the Apple Watch app is built into the iPhone, you can’t use the smartwatch without it. Apple does this to keep you in its ecosystem, and it becomes more difficult to leave once you’ve settled in.

3. Charging and Battery Life

The disadvantage is the battery life. Look, most Apple Watches have a good battery life, which can last up to two days or more depending on the model.

You can also extend it by lowering the brightness and engaging in other battery-saving practises.

However, you must remember to charge the watch, which can be inconvenient because you must remove it to charge. Most Apple Watches come with a magnetic charging dock that can charge the watch up to 80% of the way. Charging up to 80% usually takes about an hour and a half & for tips to improve your Apple watch’s battery life, check out our new blog.

The Best Apple Watch Features:

Apple Watches, like most “smart” gadgets, have so many features and functions that listing them all would be impossible, and you’d probably fall asleep halfway through. So, here are some of the best Apple Watch features you should be aware of. These features may differ slightly depending on the model you purchase.

1. Locate Your iPhone

Are you the type of person who frequently misplaces their phone? It can be stressful, especially if you are in a time-sensitive situation. The Apple Watch, on the other hand, has an intriguing feature that allows you to ping your iPhone down to the GPS location.

You can also customise the ping to vibrate, alert, or even show the location.

If your phone is stuck between couch cushions or something similar, it’s very easy to find. The other option is to log into iCloud and ping your phone from there, which requires a separate device.

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2. Apple Watch Monitors Your Health

The Apple Watch Series 6 includes a 24-hour fitness tracker that also tracks your blood-oxygen levels. Apple Watch outperforms other smartwatches, demonstrating why it deserves to be your workout and Yoga partner. If you enjoy walking, keep track of your daily pace and distance.

It can also calculate your active calorie count and monitor your heart rate. Through its ECG (Electrocardiogram) function, the Apple smartwatch can also monitor your heart rhythms. In addition, if you have irregular heartbeats, you can use the SOS function to send an emergency message.

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