Be Aware of This New WhatsApp Scam or Hack!


Hackers are currently working all time long to create new gears and tools for hacking. It was normal to hear that hackers hacked a WhatsApp account. They are here again with their new tricks and tools to hack your WhatsApp, they can now easily bypass WhatsApp’s security. 

This new trick is the most simple way to hack your WhatsApp account. The trick is simple – the hacker calls you and asks if you can call on a specific number. If you dial the number, the hacker can easily take over your account in a movement of flash.

“You must be asking that there are tons of hacks and tricks to hack a WhatsApp account, but why are you telling us only about this?” I’m telling you about this specific hack because of its simplicity. 

How Does the Scam Work?

The hacker will convince you to dial **67*<Your 10 digit number> or *405*<Your 10 digit number>. If you dial the number, your account will be logged out and now the hacker will use your account.

What Will and Can a Hacker do With Your Whatsapp Account?

Once the hacker gets access to the account, they will request your contacts for money. In this manner, the attacker defrauds your WhatsApp contacts even before you can realize that you have lost control of your WhatsApp account. 

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Hackers aren’t gonna stop here, they’ll keep getting new tricks and hacks to take control of your things. So stay aware and don’t do anything that can lead you to losing your stuff. 


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