Common Airpod Problems and their Solution!

Airpod Problems

You probably love all of the features of the new AirPods, but what if they don’t work properly? What if they are damaged or not working properly? Here’s a list of common AirPod problems and how to solve them. Read more here.

Apple Airpods have been one of the most popular wireless earbuds in the market for a long time. They are premium and high-quality earbuds, so they also cost a premium amount of money. If they are having some problems then don’t panic, here are some common problems and a  guide on how to repair them.

1. Can't Connect with Phone or Tablet

If your AirPods can’t connect to your phone or tablet, don’t panic, this problem can be solved easily.

Step 1 – Put back your Airpods in their case for about 30 seconds and then put them back in your ear.

Step 2 – Then turn off and turn on Bluetooth on your device, and repeat step 1.

If the above method doesn’t work, try resetting your AirPods.

2. One AirPod Not Connecting

If one of your AirPod isn’t connecting to your device then follow these steps:-

Step 1 – Put back your Airpods in their case for about 10 seconds and then put them back in your ear.

Step 2 – Repeat step 1, and then turn Bluetooth off and on before removing AirPods from the case.

If the above method doesn’t work, try resetting your AirPods.

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3. Call Automatically Disconnects

Calls getting disconnected while on output set on Airpods. Here’s what to do.

Step 1 – Try connecting calls with one Airpod only.

Step 2 – If Step 1 doesn’t work, then check the battery of your Airpods and try turning Bluetooth on and off.

Step 3 – If Step 2 doesn’t work, then open Settings on your phone and navigate to Bluetooth, find your Airpods name, and then click the I button right to it, select microphone and set it to either right or left.

4. Bad or Static Audio Quality

You may hear static sounds or experience bad audio quality. This might be tough to solve because this problem is caused by various factors.

Step 1 – Try using Airpods in a different area than you’re currently using at.

Step 2 – Sometimes Wi-Fi may interfere with your Airpods, especially at times of a call. You may try turning off your Wi-Fi.

5. Lost Airpods

Airpods are tiny devices, and it is usual for them to be lost. So here’s how you can find them.

Step 1 – Launch the find my iPhone app, and log in with your Apple ID.

Step 2 – Select your Airpods, it’ll show your last location before they were turned off, and see if there’s a green dot that means that your Airpods are turned on.

Step 4 – Play the sound and find your Airpods.

6. Android Volume problem

Sometimes android may have problems controlling the volume of Airpods, this usually doesn’t happen with Apple devices because the software automatically recognizes that you’re using Airpods.

Step 1 – Click the volume button and click the three dots.

Step 2 – there will be a slider for Bluetooth connection. Control the volume from the slider there

7. No Sound from Charged Airpods

Step 1 – Head to the Settings and check if your software is up to date.

Step 2 – If required, update your software.

8. Bad Battery Life

If your Airpods are running out of power very soon, then you should:-

Step 1 – Enable the automatic ear detection, this saves a lot of power and battery.

Step 2 – If the problem persists then consider resetting your Airpods.

9. AirPods Don't Charge


Step 1 – Dust may interfere with the case and charger connection. Clean your Airpods gently with a soft cloth.

Step 2 – If Step 1 doesn’t work then try with a new charging cable.

How to Reset your AirPods?

  1. Place your Airpods in the charging case.
  2. Hold the button he is back at the case for about 15 seconds till then orange light flashes.
  3. Open the case, put your phone near it and wait for AirPods Animation and click connect.

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