Difference between iPhone original and OEM screen

Difference between iPhone original and OEM screen

One of the most sought-after features of any mobile phone is its screen. Do you know that you can save money by purchasing used iPhone screens? And that the screens will work exactly like the original one? However, there is often a misunderstanding on how the original screen differs from the OEM screen. If you have recently bought an iPhone or planning to buy then, there are a few things you should keep in mind before the purchase.

Many people are under the impression that all screens are the same and are made by Apple. They also think that no one can make an original screen other than Apple. However, there is much more to this screen than meets the eye. Let’s talk about the significant difference between iPhone original and OEM screen.

What is an OEM Screen?

Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, is a term that generally means that the component(s) come from the same original manufacturer(s) as the well-known and reputable brand—in this case, Apple. Apple doesn’t actually produce the displays, and different vendors provide the display assembly. Ensure the touch flex is not attached to the glass to identify an OEM screen. These screens are made to the original manufacturer’s specifications and are usually of the same or higher quality than the screens used in the original devices. These screens are often available at a lower cost than the original manufacturer’s screens. A black sticker covers the 3D barcode in the upper left corner.

There are both risks and benefits to using an OEM screen. One risk is that the screen may not be compatible with your device, which could cause problems. Another risk is that during installation the screen may be damaged, voiding your warranty. However, the benefits of using an OEM screen are that you are guaranteed a high-quality screen designed to fit your device perfectly. Additionally, using an OEM screen can help extend your device’s life.

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OEM Screen Vs. Original Screen

The difference between iPhone original and OEM screen is:

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1. Pricing

OEM screens are usually more expensive, but they’re also more likely to be better quality. Original screens are generally cheaper, but they may not be as good of quality.

2. Displaying quality in sunlight

When displaying quality in sunlight, there is a clear difference between an OEM screen and an original screen. An OEM screen is designed to be used with a specific make and model of phone, and its quality can vary greatly. On the other hand, an original screen is designed to be used with any make and model of phone, and as such, its quality is much higher. In addition, an original screen is much more likely to have an anti-reflective coating, which helps to improve visibility in sunlight.

3. Display quality

Additionally, OEM screens may not have the exact resolution or display quality as original screens. Original screens are more expensive, but they are more likely to be compatible with a broader range of devices and have better resolution and display quality.

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4. Screen bezel size

There can be a significant difference in screen bezel size between an OEM screen and an original screen. An OEM screen is a screen made by the same company that made the device it will be used in. An original screen is a screen that the original manufacturer made for the device.

The difference in screen bezel size is that OEM screens are made to the specifications of the device they will be used in. This means they will often have a smaller bezel size than an original screen. Original screens, on the other hand, are not made to specific specifications. This means that they can often have a larger bezel size.

The difference in screen bezel size can be significant and can impact the look and feel of the device. If you are looking for a specific look,  you may want to choose a screen with a smaller bezel size. If you are looking for a screen with a larger bezel size, you may want to select an original screen.

5. Warranty

Original screens typically come with a one-year warranty from Apple, while OEM screens may only come with a six-month warranty from the manufacturer. This is something to keep in mind when deciding between the two.

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The biggest concern is whether the OEM screen can be as good as the original one, but as a new technology, the OEM screen is not as mature as the original screen. Original iPhone screens are made with the highest quality, the best service and an affordable price. It is a fact that the OEM screen is of a lower rate than the original one. It has a lower resolution, lower brightness, and lower colour accuracy. A black border also surrounds it. In addition to this, the OEM screen is not 3D touch capable, so you will have to live without the extra features. We hope that the difference between iPhone original and OEM screen is cleared.


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