How To Fix AC When It’s Leaking Water

How To Fix AC When It’s Leaking Water

Have you noticed the AC leaking water? Most often, this occurs as a result of dirty AC filters or shoddy AC installation.

A little water dripping is normal, but a lot of leakages are not. It might be very frightening to see water dripping from your air conditioning unit.

There is no need to panic if your indoor AC unit is dripping water, but you do need to act quickly. Most AC leaks can be promptly fixed by an HVAC specialist, and they may not necessitate very expensive repairs. Do you need to know how to fix the AC leaking water?

The procedures you can use to remedy it are covered in this article.

5 Tips For Cleaning AC Leaking Water

Cleaning and dusting the condensate drain, the interior, and the external coils are key steps to follow in order to address the problem of air conditioners that are dripping and leaking liquid

Here are some detailed guidelines and actions to take if AC leaking water:

1. Shut Off the Drain Pan

It is simple to fix an air conditioner that is dripping water from its drain pan. To restart your air conditioner, simply drain away the moisture that has built up in the drain pan. When your drain pan fills up, pay attention and plan a routine to drain the water out before it overflows. For portable and floor-type air conditioners, this is most advised.

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2. Condensation Accumulation

  • If air ducts are poorly insulated, warm air can enter their cool surface and cause condensation. When your ductwork goes through an uninsulated or inadequately insulated attic, the similar issue may arise.
  • Water leakage from air ducts can also be caused by clogged ducts, unclean air filters, and a blocked drain pump. If there is an obstruction in your system’s airflow, the temperature inside the ducts will drop, increasing the likelihood of ducting sweating (condensation in your ducts).
  • Summer months with high humidity increase the likelihood of condensation buildup. Lack of ventilation and roof leaks can contribute to higher humidity levels. Your home’s humidity should ideally range from 30 to 50 per cent.

3. Regularly clean the air filter

Cleaning the air filter at home is simple and only requires some water, normal soap, or detergent. To maintain your air conditioner running smoothly, clean the filter once every two weeks using a soft-bristled brush to remove any embedded dirt.

4. Evaporator Coil Freeze

You should inspect the air filters, return vents, ducts, fin coils, and other components if there is an airflow obstruction. Cleaning them fixes the freezing and can stop your AC leaking water while also restoring airflow.

If cleaning the filters on your air conditioner doesn’t fix the issue, your system may not have enough refrigerant. The evaporator coils get excessively cold if there is not enough refrigerant, which leads to ice formation. When it melts, water begins to drip from your appliance.

5. Avail ERIP Maintenance Services Regularly

A professional’s assistance is always a sensible choice. You can save money, time, and effort this way. An expert technician will accurately diagnose the issue and propose the best fix if AC leaking water.

With the help of ERIP Maintenance Services, you can connect with knowledgeable and experienced service providers that can supply you with quick and dependable answers.


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