Integrated GPU or Dedicated GPU – Which Graphics Card is Better?

Integrated GPU or Dedicated GPU – Which Graphics Card is Better

The current generation is dependent on the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for running their Desktop, graphic cards come in various types and rates, some are very expensive and some are very powerful. A better and a powerful GPU is needed for heavy tasks such as Gaming, Editing, Rendering, etc. Everyone has the same question while buying a PC, which GPU is better Integrated or Dedicated? And you’ll get the answer to the same question here!

What is a GPU?

A GPU is a unit to process graphics as also mentioned in full form – Graphics Processing Unit, it is an electronic circuit in a desktop, its purpose is to handle the graphics of everything on a desktop. GPUs are used on almost every graphical representation device, such as mobile phones, computers, laptops Etc.

Integrated Graphics Processing Unit

When a single chip contains both CPU (Central Processing Unit) and GPU, it is called an Integrated Graphics Card. It doesn’t need a different slot to place, it is placed in the Processor with the CPU.


  1. This GPU is budget-friendly for everyone
  2. It saves a lot of space that a separate unit would be consuming
  3. It generates less heat while in use
  4. It has lesser power consumption, which leads to longer battery life

This GPU can provide you with a smooth experience while using the desktop


    1. It can’t handle high graphics demanding games
    2. Intensive editing of videos and photos is likely not possible

If you want to upgrade the GPU then you’ll have to buy a new processor for an updated experience, which usually costs a lot

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Dedicated Graphics Processing Unit

As mentioned in the name, this GPU has a dedicated or a separate unit to handle the Graphics of the system. A specific slot is required for this graphics card to be installed on the desktop. These GPUs have their memory also called VRAM (Video Random Access Memory) for better processing of graphics.


  1. Gives smoother performance and experience
  2. It can easily handle high graphics demanding games and with smoother gameplay
  3. It can easily handle high-end graphical editing and rendering
  4. It helps the CPU by taking over a lot of its work
  5. It can be easily upgraded if needed


  1. The costs are very high
  2. It generates a lot of heat
  3. It consumes a lot of space
  4. It uses more power

Which GPU should you buy?

It depends on the purpose of the user, and how the user is going to use it.

Intensive Work and High Budget

If you need the GPU for power-intensive tasks and have a high budget, then you should, of course, consider buying a Dedicated GPU, it will give the best performance out there.

Basic Computing and are Low on Budget

If you want a GPU for basic usage, then you should consider buying an Integrated GPU, which is budget-friendly and gives an okay performance.


We can not say which GPU is better for everyone, but yeah, we can say that a Dedicated GPU is better in terms of performance and experience. Before buying a GPU, you should, of course, check your usage intent.


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