How to Fix iPhone 12 Battery Life

How to Fix iPhone 12 Battery Life

On iPhone devices, battery life has long been a major worry. And as of right now, this issue continues to plague iOS users. Is your iPhone 12’s battery drains quickly? The iPhone 12 series is hugely well-liked and provides an excellent smartphone experience.

The iPhone 12 isn’t perfect, though, and you can start to experience operating issues, especially as your phone ages. This is true of many modern smartphones. There are various actions you may take to attempt and fix the problem if you start noticing a high battery drain. This post will walk you through a few adjustments if your iPhone 12’s battery drains quickly.

How To Resolve A Quick Battery Drain Problem On iPhone 12?

Please feel free to use the instructions below to solve this issue if you notice that your iPhone 12’s battery drains more quickly than usual.

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1. Switch Off Your iPhone 12

Although it can sound like a cliche, do it anyway to make sure the issue is not just a passing one. Turn off your iPhone 12, whether it’s a small, ordinary model, Pro, or Pro Max, before attempting anything else. Turn it off for at least a minute before turning it back on.

2. Update The iPhone

Apple upgrades the iPhone’s iOS 15 software on a regular basis. While milestone upgrades (x.x.x) typically bring a combination of improvements and fixes, point updates (x.x.x) are typically focused on correcting issues. Even though the business might not specifically mention battery life adjustments in the change log of an iOS 15 update, new software always has the ability to aid with battery problems.

3. On The iPhone 12, Disable App Refresh

This process will prevent apps from running continuously in the background and your iPhone 12’s battery drains. This will reduce power usage on the device and increase the battery % on your iPhone because it will stop the apps from requesting information.

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4. When not in use, lay your iPhone 12 face down

The ambient light sensors in your iPhone prevent the screen from lighting up when you receive a notification when it is placed facedown on a surface. This could significantly lessen battery waste if you get a lot of notifications throughout the day because the display won’t be turning on and off all the time.

After attempting all of these fixes, if your iPhone 12 is still giving you troubles, bring it to The Techout, where our knowledgeable staff will identify the issue and, if possible, offer to repair your phone. It could be time to buy a new phone if your current one is beyond repair. We have a broad selection of refurbished products from top brands

5. Delete Every File And Setting On An iPhone 12

A factory reset is a fantastic technique to address issues that don’t respond to straightforward fixes. This process should assist in addressing faults that could be to blame for the iPhone 12’s battery drains quickly. You can always make a backup to restore your vital files later, so don’t worry about losing them.


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