Is it worth buying a MacBook Air M2 2023?

Is it worth buying a MacBook Air M2 2022?

The MacBook Air M2 truly deserves to wear the Air moniker. And we are not saying the previous MacBook Air M1 wasn’t great; after all, it helped make Apple’s computing prowess known to the globe. To put it simply, I didn’t think that cramming ground-breaking performance into the same old chassis was noteworthy progress. 

The revamped and redesigned MacBook Air M2 that Apple unveiled in June 2022 included the line’s biggest redesign since 2010 and the introduction of the new MacBook Air M2 processor. The 2022 MacBook Air M2 includes a new chassis that eliminates the MacBook Air’s long-standing curved curvature, giving it an entirely different appearance from the previous generation model. Instead, the MacBook Air features a flat, uniform body like the MacBook Pro. 

MacBook Air 2023: reasons to buy

It would be an understatement to suggest that the MacBook Air design had become stale. Just a watered-down MacBook Pro, that’s how it felt. But the new model gives the Air some excitement for the first time by truly feeling and looking like a laptop deserving of the name.

 The new MacBook Air has a 20% lower volume than the outgoing model, and when you take it up, it seems astonishingly little and light. It is significantly thinner and lighter than the previous Air, which weighed 2.8 pounds and was 0.6 inches thick. You can select from a variety of colors for The Air, including Midnight, Starlight, Space, Gray, and Silver.

1. A display on par with the MacBook Pro

Because of its smaller margins, the new MacBook Air’s display is larger than its predecessor’s, measuring 13.6 inches as opposed to 13.3 inches. Additionally, Apple increased the display’s brightness to 500 nits, so you can anticipate performance on par with that of a MacBook Pro. Yes, the display has a notch at the top, but we can live with that compromise. Support for 1 billion colors, wide color support (P3), and True Tone are further highlights.

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2. M2 chip power

One of the first laptops to use pple’s new M2 processor is the MacBook Air 2022. Although the entry-level model comes with an 8-core GPU, there is an 8-core CPU with up to 18% higher performance and a 10-core GPU that offers 35% faster graphics performance.

The Air guarantees 40% quicker performance while editing intricate timelines in Final Cut and 20% faster performance when adding filters in Photoshop.

3. Long battery life and MagSafe charging on board

Only two USB-C/Thunderbolt ports are available on the MacBook Air, but since a MagSafe charger is also there, you can always have two ports open. The old Air only had one open free USB-C port because you had to use one of them to charge. The Air is rated for 18 hours of video playback and 15 hours of wireless web browsing, so it doesn’t seem like you’ll need to charge it all that frequently. And unlike manufacturers of Windows laptops, Apple doesn’t make overly bold claims.

Should you buy the M2 MacBook Air?

However, the M2 MacBook Air isn’t the greatest option for everyone because it comes with a long list of problems that the M1 MacBook Air didn’t. The M2 MacBook Air in particular suffers from overheating problems. The M2 gets so hot without a heat spreader or fans that it must reduce its performance to stay cool. 

Even the fan-equipped M2 MacBook Pro approaches its temperature threshold and begins to operate less well. In contrast, the M1 version doesn’t have a problem with heat, which is why it won the extremely uncommon Editors’ Choice award in our evaluation of the MacBook Air M1.

Bottom line

As we previously indicated, we must examine and assess the MacBook Air 2023 before passing judgement on it. The new Air, though, seems to have a lot going for it based on what we’ve seen thus far. In the end, it might provide an excellent blend of performance and battery life in a gorgeously compact form factor.

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3. Long battery life and MagSafe charging on board

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