Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4- Top 5 Problems & How To Fix Those

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4- Top 5 Problems & How To Fix Those

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold  4 was just released by Samsung, and it delivers the best features for the money. Many owners of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4- Top 5 problems & How to Fix those.

1. Networking issue with the Samsung Z Fold 4

If your Samsung Z Fold 4 is experiencing a network issue? Don’t worry; Here are some useful advice below that you can use to repair the network issue on your samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4- Top 5 problems & How to Fix those 


  • For a brief period of time, toggle the aeroplane mode on and off.
  • Try turning off and then turning back on your SIM card.
  • Check your device in Safe mode, if possible. 
  • Reset your device’s network settings once.
  • Update the software to the most recent version as well.
  • The final alternative is to factory reset your Galaxy Z Fold 4 if the issue is still not solved.

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2. The taskbar vanishes or crashes when using third-party launchers

One of the most common issues with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4- Top 5 problems & How to Fix those  is that third-party launchers cause the taskbar to vanish or crash. Some users claim that Nova, Niagara, and other launchers don’t function properly with Fold 4’s taskbar. Additionally, as soon as they launch a different launcher, the taskbar crashes. Open Settings > Advanced features > Labs > Full screen in the Split screen view to solve the Fold 4 problem with the taskbar vanishing in the multi-split view. Once there, confirm that the “Show your taskbar in split screen view” option is turned on.

3. On the Fold 4, WiFi keeps disconnecting.

On Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4- Top 5 problems & How to Fix those , some consumers have also complained that their Wi-Fi continues randomly dropping. On Galaxy devices, or really any other smartphone or tablet, experiencing Wi-Fi issues from time to time is very typical. 

The following are tried-and-true solutions to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4- Top 5 problems & How to Fix those  Wi-Fi keeps dropping problem:

  • Switch on your device’s Wi-Fi. You can resolve connectivity issues by doing this.
  • To resolve small flaws and malfunctions that might be causing Wi-Fi issues, restart your phone.
  • Reconnect to the Wi-Fi network after forgetting it.
  • Reset the Wi-Fi router.
  • The network settings on your device can also be reset.Go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset Network Settings to accomplish this.

4. Error with Camera on Fold 4

Many Galaxy smartphone customers have been bothered by the “Camera Failed” warning, but experiencing it on a high-end phone like the Fold 4 may be aggravating and unsettling. Some Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4- Top 5 problems & How to Fix those  customers have reported that when they attempt to take a picture, their phone displays the message “Camera Failed.”

  • It is necessary to force restart the camera app if it freezes or operates very slowly. To do this, briefly press the Power and Volume Down buttons together.
  • You must restart the camera app in order to resolve the “Camera Failed” problem on the Fold 4. Open the Camera app and select Settings > Reset settings > Reset to accomplish this.
  • To resolve this Fold 4 issue, you can also try emptying the cache for the Camera app.  Navigate to Settings > Apps > Camera > Storage to delete the cache.

5. Battery Life of the Samsung Z Fold 4 is Poor

If you experience battery depletion on your Samsung Z Fold 4, you are not alone. Many people do. Follow the instructions below to fix the power drain issue with your Galaxy Z Fold 4:


  • Start by disabling auto-brightness and adjusting the brightness to your needs.
  • Make careful you select the shortest screen timeout duration.
  • Then select Settings, Display, and Screen timeout. Decide on the minimum screen time (Recommended 30 Seconds)
  • power saving mode on.
  • Optimize all of your apps.
  • Select “Optimize quickly” under “Battery and device care” in Settings. immediately.”

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