Split Air Conditioner Vs Window Air Conditioner- Which one is Better for your house?


With the arriving Summers and its intolerable heat, everyone would like to get a new Air Conditioner for their home, but this question always pops up in everyones’ mind that “Which Air Conditioner is better, Split or Window?” And today you’ll get this doubt cleared.

Note – If you don’t have a Window in room or your room is within the building with no ventilation with outside air, then you don’t have any other option than to buy a Split Air Conditioner!

The Difference Between a Split Air Conditioner and a Window Air Conditioner:

1. Price

Price of Split Air Conditioners and Window Air Conditioners have a varied price, and usually Window Air Conditioner has lower price on the same tonnage than Split Air Conditioner, so if your budget is tight, then you should probably go for the Window Air Conditioner.

SpAir Conditionere Required

The spAir Conditionere required to install the Air Conditioner is the most visual difference between the both Air Conditioners. Window Air Conditioner usually needs a large area for installation as the whole appliance is just one unit, and Split Air Conditioner needs a lesser amount of spAir Conditionere inside the room to install. To install a window Air Conditioner you need rather have a perfect sized window or make adjustments as per the Air Conditioner.

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Energy Consumption and Efficiency

The energy consumption of both Split and Window Air Conditioner is nearly the same, so it doesn’t matter which type of Air Conditioner you buy they will use the same amount of energy. Though 5 Stars Air Conditioner help us save alot of energy and uses lesser amount of energy than lower stars.

Both Split and Window Air Conditioner have a good efficiency. Though after long time usage they may downgrade with their performance as it was before.

4. Noise

Most of the noise generated from an Air Conditioner is from the compressor and as the Split Air Conditioner’s Compressor is outside and the Window Air Conditioner has Compressor fit with it, so the Window Air Conditioners are virtually noise than the Spkit Air Conditioner.

5. Cooling CapAir Conditionerity

Split Air Conditioners are mounted up on top side of the wall and whereas the Window Air Conditioners are  mounted at a medium height, the split Air Conditioner will cool the are faster and better than a Window Air Conditioner. If the tonnage of Air Conditioner is bigger, then the cooling capAir Conditionerity of the Air Conditioner will be better too.

6. Service and Mantainence

Window Air Conditioner is a single unit and Split Air Conditioner is a double unit appliance, so it’s obvious that the mantainence and service of the Windiw Air Conditioner will be easier and cheaper than the Split Air Conditioner.

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