Post: Top 5 must-have tech gadgets 2023

Top 5 must-have tech gadgets 2023

Top 5 must-have tech gadgets 2022

Imagining your life without any gadgets is not a question we’re going to ask. Today, it would be completely ridiculous to even consider that. We are so heavily dependent on gadgets and gizmos in the 21st century—from the smallest Bluetooth in-ear earphones to the massive electric cars we drive—that it often feels as though technology and people are eventually becoming one. Our list of the top 5 affordable cool new gadgets on Amazon is provided below.

1. Portronics Portable E-Writer Digital Notepad with Stylus

A must-have item is the Portronics Por-796 Portable Ruffpad E-Writer, which has a massive 10.0′′ inch LCD and a stylus. It works well as a digital tablet notepad for writing, drawing, and handwriting boards. It is one of the top-selling items on Amazon India and one of the newest technological devices available in the country.

With the Portronics Por-796 Portable Ruffpad E-Writer, go paperless. Write documents, lists, and doodles without a pen or paper. It comes with a stylus. With the stylus or any other device that would work similarly, you might write or draw. You are able to draw both thin and dense lines thanks to the pressure-sensitive display. The stylus can be conveniently stowed underneath the situation.

2. Portronics 6 Port UFO Charging Station

Even while there may still be time for the actual finding of aliens and UFOs, those of you who are fascinated by them can get this 6-port charging station in the meantime. Say goodbye to those outdated four-socket power extension strips since you now have a full 6-port charging station at your disposal with 8A outputs from each port. Additionally, isn’t it interesting to see a miniature UFO living in your home? And guess what? You can purchase this UFO assistant for Rs. 624!

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3. Portable USB condenser microphone Samson Go Mic

For YouTubers and podcasters, the Samson Go Mic Small USB Mic Compact USB Microphone is a versatile computer-based microphone that is a must. The Go Mic Small USB Mic Compact USB Microphone can clip right on your laptop or remain unobtrusively in your workspace thanks to its unique small design.

Due to the plug-and-play process, either a Macintosh or a PC can use it without any assistance. The Go Mic Small USB Mic Compact USB Microphone excels at recording audio for podcasts, field recordings, and music, but it also offers a wide range of additional features not typically seen in USB microphones.

The Go Mic is also suitable for iChat, webcasting, voice recognition software, and even Tone over Internet Standard protocol (VoIP).

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4. Portronics Auto 12 In-Car Bluetooth Receiver

This was the next fascinating device we discovered on Amazon and decided to add to our top 5. For those of you who drive a car with a non-Bluetooth radio system, Portronics offers the Auto 12 in-car Bluetooth receiver. You may quickly and easily stream music, and make or take phone calls, even with a non-Bluetooth car dashboard, with this useful gadget at your disposal. 

Additionally, it has a built-in bass booster and voice assistant that makes it simple to communicate your on-the-road issues to Siri or your Google Assistant with a simple voice command.

5. Echo Dot with clock (4th Gen)

A smart home speaker is one of the nicest things you can purchase if you enjoy smart tech gadgets. Apart from playing music, smart speakers may be used for many fantastic things. You can ask these devices any question, and they will respond like your personal assistant.

Additionally, you may utilise the speaker as a smart hub for all of your gadgets if your home has too many smart home automation goods. Connect the additional devices to your smart speaker, then use the speaker’s voice commands to operate them. Isn’t it cool? The two most popular smart speakers are the Google Home and Amazon Echo, models.

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