What are the benefits of an iOS dark mode?


One of the most frequently anticipated software additions over the last number of years has been the venerable “dark mode,” or “night mode,” if you prefer. Despite the fact that many phone manufacturers had already heeded consumers’ requests and incorporated dark mode into their own Android interfaces prior to 2019, iOS and Android both received system-wide dark modes in 2019. With a few notable exceptions (looking at you, Instagram), the bulk of the top mobile apps available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store may all have dark interfaces.

It recently debuted on a number of well-known apps and as an optional smartphone theme. Here, we’ll discuss the advantages of dark mode and why you should activate it.

1. Improved battery

Your smartphone’s battery life can be increased by using apps that include a Dark Mode setting. Google claims that OLED screens’ use of dark mode does extend battery life. Enabling dark mode in the Youtube app reduces screen energy use by 15% at 50% brightness. The dark UI saves 60% of screen energy at maximum brightness (in comparison to using light mode). OLED panels are utilised in Android devices, and since the debut of the iPhone X, Apple has switched from using LCD screens to OLED ones. A recent battery life test was conducted by Phonebuff.

2. It looks fantastic

Let’s admit it, dark mode just looks incredible. The dark mode does give something distinct that feels enigmatic and fresh, even though the majority of products follow the same bland white aesthetic. It also offers excellent chances for displaying graphic content like graphs, dashboards, images, and photos. For instance, Weekdone uses the RAG colouring scheme to give users a quick visual summary of how their goals are progressing. On dark backdrops, colours simply appear to stand out more. The contrast levels are shown in the table.

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3. Benefits your eyes

In the long term, dark mode is much less damaging to your vision than light mode. According to the study, using dark mode, for example, prevents myopia, the medical word for nearsightedness, from developing in your eyes, whereas using light mode speeds it up. However, in order to understand how dark mode protects our eyes, we must look more closely at the ganglion cells that make up the retina’s outermost photosensitive layer. The core receptors are referred to as ON structures, whilst the peripheral is referred to as an OFF structure. Ganglion cells are grouped together in clusters with distinct physiological structures.

Should you or shouldn't you utilise dark mode?

Yes, but you should also use the light mode.

Despite all the available evidence, studies, and research, choosing to use dark mode instead of bright mode is ultimately a matter of personal preference. Regardless of what the science says, if you prefer dark mode, you’ll use it. Go ahead if you like to use light mode; the decision is yours. Again, individual preference is paramount.

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