What are the pros and cons of having/using an iPhone?

What are the pros and cons of having/using an iPhone?

As there are so many choices for hardware and software customization, Android phones are incredibly popular.

However, if you ask someone to suggest a nice smartphone for you, they’ll likely advise you to purchase an iPhone rather than an Android device.

Therefore, the crucial query is: What are the benefits of iPhone over Android?

The advantages of owning an iPhone over an Android handset are listed below

1. Using an iPhone is simpler

iPhones remain to be the most user-friendly phones as of right now, despite the fact that the majority of Android phone manufacturers make an attempt to produce these products.

The look and feel of iOS have not changed over time. This has been one benefit of the iPhone against Android cellphones because it works substantially the same way it did in 2008.

To open the selected app, simply pick it up, switch it on, and touch it. Despite Apple’s enhancements over the years, such Control Center, the iPhone is still quite easy to grasp.

2. IPhones are quite safe

Another advantage of iPhones over Android cellphones is security.

If you use your phone to send texts, store contacts, access your email or social media accounts, log into your bank’s website or mobile application, or take selfies.

You should be concerned about security because these actions could provide valuable information to cybercriminals who could be dangerous to you or your loved ones.

This information was later made public by the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), demonstrating that even if someone has physical access to your iPhone, a highly competent hacker is still needed.

No less, on a 32-bit phone. Apple doesn’t even now make 32-bit devices.

They don’t anticipate iPhones becoming sick. The idea that iOS is impervious to malware is one of the most pervasive misconceptions about the platform.

However, iOS apps are still susceptible to malware infections. For instance, the XcodeGhost scandal revealed that hundreds of apps contained a fake version of the app development tool Xcode.

Additionally, utilising free WiFi networks poses the same risks on iOS and Android.

Apple does, however, take security seriously. They directly update all iOS devices, helping to contain any breaches as soon as they are discovered, and they disinfect everyone’s devices, irrespective of their carriers.

Except for those who own a Pixel or Nexus, Google cannot do that for Android users.

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3. Excellent privacy

Less viruses are present in apps found in the Apple app store.The likelihood of your data being leaked is very low because to the apps’ high privacy rating.

Everyone places a high value on their data, and using an iPhone will keep you safe from hackers.

There are no fake apps in the Apple app store. Any kind of software can be swiftly accepted for Android, but it is challenging to get an app approved for the Apple app store.


1. The home screen's icons and design remain unchanged even after upgrades

The platform gives very little to look forward to in terms of trendy designs or improvements, with little difference in user interface and design.

Even when customers purchase higher versions with the same icons as previously, the home screen stays the same. Those seeking a fresh new look for the site must be content with its current appearance.

2. Is too basic and does not allow computer use like other OSs

When utilising an iPhone or iPad, the platform’s ability to provide a computer-like experience is limited. iOS provides considerably easier performance options when compared to other platforms.

3. Expensive iOS apps are not supported by widgets

iOS does not support any additional widgets to expand the functionalities of the apps it supports; it only supports apps designed exclusively for the platform.

Additionally, because of all the limitations, iOS apps must adhere to a number of requirements, which inevitably drives up the price for the final consumer.

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