Why is the Apple Watch just as expensive as the iPhone?

Why is the Apple Watch just as expensive as the iPhone?

Apple is the leader and only provider of high-quality smartwatches among all the well-known smartwatch brands. Although the Apple watches are pricey, are their pro-branding watches worth it?

We have observed over the last few years that Apple watches are the most popular smartwatches on the market. What, therefore, are the distinctive qualities that give Apple watches more value and even encourage customers to purchase them with greater assurance despite their high cost?

Check out some of the things that make Apple watches special that we discovered after extensive investigation 

1. Reliability of Fitness Tracking

One of the most popular functions and the main justification for buying a smartwatch is fitness tracking. Everyone needs this function, and it should be accurate and show the right info when users want to view it. However, other brands have made an attempt and failed terribly. Only Fitbit was a pioneer in this field, but other than that, their smartwatches weren’t very good.

With their incredible fitness and health tracking sensors and algorithms, Apple watches excel in this area and will wow any customer. Along with functions for tracking steps and heart rate in real-time, which are standard for all smartwatches. Additionally, Apple Watches can monitor your heart rate, oxygen levels, stress levels, number of floors you’ve climbed, high heart rate alerts, irregular heartbeat notifications, sports modes, oxygen monitoring, ECG, and much more.

Because of their accuracy, customers exclusively select Apple watches over all other smartwatches.

2. Durability & Quality

Apple watches score a perfect 10 in this category, which is the most important one. We have seen that Apple wears are constructed with top quality polymer compared to Fitbit and Amazfit watches. They have a ceramic back, and sapphire crystal Retina display, and are built of solid stainless steel.

Because Apple watches can easily withstand the severe climate, you can surely use these durable watches for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and other similar activities. You can also keep track of your underwater activities thanks to its 50-meter water resistance. You’re relieved to learn that the Apple watch detects your every motion and functions well underwater. You can simply use this watch in a difficult environment because it is completely shock and dust-resistant.

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3. App availability

Apple provides a wide range of apps designed especially for the Apple Watch. Most of these apps can display notifications for most apps using because they are simply WearOS versions of the main iOS apps. Any software that is listed in the App Store is available for selection and installation. There are numerous apps out there for various purposes, including activity tracking apps like “Time to Walk,” “Apple Fitness Plus,” and others.

Additionally, the Apple Watch has built-in storage that can hold up to 32GB, allowing you to download your favourite songs from music apps like “Spotify” or “YouTube Music.” And while having access to thousands of programmes through the app store is fantastic, Apple’s built-in apps are also amazing.

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4. Accurate GPS

Apple watches had more potent GPS after Garmin watches. You can now correctly track maps, speed, and distance. You can keep track of all your running or trekking without needing to take your phone with you thanks to the built-in GPS.

When your phone’s battery runs out during a trip, you will appreciate the usefulness of the Apple watch. And fortunately, the GPS is really quick. Therefore, it displays correct facts to you even if you are in a deserted place. You can also receive directions and find paths with just one voice command thanks to the Apple Watch’s inclusion of Siri. Additionally, you will get live updates on the newest Apple wearables.

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