How to Fix if Your MacBook Not Turning On

How to Fix if Your MacBook Not Turning On

Apple products are well-known for their dependability. Every device, regardless of its reputation, has problems at some point.

When your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro won’t turn on, it’s very unlikely that the problem is with the entire setup; instead, one of the components, which can range from your display to software glitches, is acting up. Our task here is to determine what is causing the problem.

Solutions For Mac does not boot up

1. Examine the power connections

The first step, as obvious as it sounds, is to see if your Mac has any remaining battery life (or in the case of iMacs whether the cable is connected correctly). 

    • Try unplugging and replugging your Mac. If you have an older MacBook, your MagSafe cable will display a green light if the computer is fully charged and an amber light if it is still charging.
    • Check that your power cable is in good condition and that it is securely connected to your Mac and a working electrical outlet.
    •  If your Mac does not have a built-in display, ensure that your external display is powered, connected to your Mac, and turned on.
    • The MacBook charger includes a detachable AC power cord. Look for signs of wear and tear on the power cord.Firmly insert the plug into the wall outlet. Check the power cord on the charger side as well. Make certain that the power cord is securely inserted into the charger.
    • Examine the output cable of the charger. Keep an eye out for fraying or tears in the cable. The USB-C adapter has a detachable cable. Firmly insert the cable into the adaptor.

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2. Restart the SMC

Resetting the SMC (System Management Controller) can often resolve issues with the battery, power, fan, and other features. If you are still unable to turn on your MacBook Pro or if your Apple notebook appears to have frozen at the Apple logo, you should try this solution.

  • To begin, connect the power cable and then simultaneously press the Shift + Ctrl + Option/Alt keys and the power button for at least 10-12 seconds. Then, release all of the keys and press the power button to restart your MacBook.
  •  If there was a minor power or battery issue that was preventing your device from booting up, that should be resolved and the MacBook should boot up successfully.

3. Take out the battery

If you have an older MacBook Pro, the battery may be removable. Check beneath the battery to see if it is removable. If the battery falls out, you should notice a small locking clip next to it. To remove the battery, perform the following steps:

  • Remove the locking clip from beneath your MacBook Pro.
  • Remove the plastic flap to reveal the battery.
  • Pull the small tab to release and remove the battery.
  • To reinsert or replace the battery, or to replace the flap and clip, repeat the process.
  • If you own a newer MacBook Pro with no removable battery, this procedure will not apply to you.

4.Boot MacBook Pro in Safe Mode

If your Mac won’t boot normally, it’s time to boot it in Safe Mode. This method can resolve whatever you were doing that caused the problem. Furthermore, if your Mac shows signs of life but does not progress past the Apple logo, booting in Safe Mode is a better option.

    • Restart your Mac and hold down the Shift key while it does so. Hold the key down until you see the login screen with the Apple logo.
    • If the problem does not appear in Safe Mode, restart Mac normally. When the problem does not reoccur, it is usually a sign that the main cause was a cache or directory issue with the startup disc, which Safe Mode resolves.
    • Safe Mode performs a series of tests before booting the bare-bones version of macOS. It only loads the essential features, so you can uninstall any apps that you believe are interfering with the system. You can also disable startup items, remove hardware, and undo recent system changes that may have caused this issue.

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